Building a world where humanity is empowered with the financial security to solve our grand challenges.

Our mission is to democratize access to growth funds so any organization or individual can achieve a more secure financial future. We generate social impact by leveraging decentralized finance to align a global community around shared incentives; win and help win.


We’re a global team of individuals with backgrounds in philanthropy and technology, passionate about building a world where humanity is empowered with the financial security to solve our grand challenges.

Our incredible community raised over $6 million dollars in donations to more than 160 charities, with $1.5M raised to fight climate change, $500k in humanitarian relief for those impacted by Typhoon Rai, and over $200k to support Ukranian refugees.



Duffy Casey

Impact Lead

Lambert Despaux

Operations & Product Lead

GJ Flannery

Business Intelligence

Venresha Greensword

Digital Marketing Lead

Amanda Keay

Angel Alliance Lead

Elizaveta Larchenkova

Finance Analyst

Ryan Mahler

Business Development Lead


Galactic Angels Lead

Trevor Ogata

Angel Alliance Ambassador

Stephen Richards

Design Lead

Shaun Robinson

Chief Innovation Officer

Kevin Russell

Angel Alliance Ambassador

Chauncey St John

Team Lead and Business Development

Tim Stirrup

Charities and Marketing Lead

Casson Trenor

Charity Outreach (Biodiversity & Conservation)

Pallav Vora

Legal Lead


Guorong Du

Full Stack Engineer

Ali Hayder

Full Stack Engineer

Andrey Keller

Engineering Lead

Paolo Mariano

Full Stack Engineer

Nenad Misic

Full Stack Engineer

Justin Salas

Full Stack Engineer


Laurenth Alba

Advisor, Partnerships

Ryan Coraggio

Advisor, Marketing

Colin Johnson

Advisor, Marketing

Sagar Tandon

Advisor, Impact Investments

Peiru Teo

Advisor, Operations & Product

Matteo Tittarelli

Advisor, Marketing Strategy