Angel Protocol Launches Black History Month Campaign

We at Angel Protocol play a critical role in shaping philanthropy. As a connector of capital, we seek to expand access to powerful endowment technology and spotlight organizations working on the frontlines of delivering change. With that said, we are excited to launch our campaign for Black History Month with four organizations that provide tremendous […]

Happy Holidays from Angel Protocol

Well, what a year it has been. We are so pleased to be moving forward with new solutions, new marketplace, new charities and new campaigns. So why wait for the new year! Let’s start right now. The Marketplace Importantly, you will have seen that a revamped Angel Protocol marketplace has now gone live. This searchable and sortable page will continue to develop, adding extra information for charities […]

Angel Protocol validator income report Oct 2022

Welcome to our first Validator Report for the period from May to October 2022.    From now on, we will provide monthly updates detailing:  The amount of funds harvested  Usage of funds and  Plans for growth.    Thanks for joining us on our journey to redefine global impact financing!   Angel Protocol provides tooling for […]

Web3 Programmable Endowments: new and improved!

Have you ever wondered why most non-profits do not use endowments as a financial tool? Especially when university endowments have proven the use case to reduce their reliance on donor money, preserve and grow wealth, and become financially sustainable. Before we proceed further, what is an endowment? According to Investopedia¹, it’s “a donation of money […]

Angel Protocol Product Update [October]

Gm, Angel community! Your friendly Angel Protocol team has been heads-down (builders gonna build), focusing on a number of updates to the product and user experience. With the relaunch of our charity marketplace, we wanted to take a moment to share some of those updates with you, our awesome community. In this article – the […]

Angel Protocol — building a world where all charities are financially free

Angel Protocol is a global social enterprise that leverages revolutionary decentralized finance (DeFi) yield mechanisms such as Anchor Protocol’s 20% ‘Earn’ functionality to create perpetual charity endowments. By doing so, we build a world where all charities can have financial freedom. In short, Angel Protocol enables charities to get a better return on their deposits, and donors […]


In short, Angel Protocol enables charities to get a better return on their deposits, and donors get to know their money is being put to more efficient use. Powered behind the scenes by the incredible possibilities created by ‘DeFi’ and importantly, Angel Protocol abstracts away the complexity of crypto for the everyday user.


Importantly, charities will have a very easy onboarding process to enable them to collect the donations and benefit from a sustainable and continual source of income with as little fuss as possible.

Each charity will have their own page that includes additional information on that charity or cause (background, supporting information on the cause, data on charity’s use of user funds).

Charity leadership dashboards will be developed to help highlight community giving “heroes” with NFT badges available in the future thanks to partners such as Talis Protocol.

Angel Protocol provides easy access to endowments with no on-boarding cost or setup fees. An endowment is a donation of money or property to a non-profit organization, which uses the resulting investment income for funding. Endowments are designed to keep the principal amount intact while using the investment income for charitable efforts.

To borrow phrasing from Terra’s defining white paper, there is demand for a decentralized, price-stable and transparent charity protocol in both fiat and blockchain economies. If such a protocol succeeds, then it has the potential to be the largest community-owned charity in the world.

Between the power of, initially, Anchor’s Earn yield and the magic of compounding interest, Angel Protocol has the potential to be the most effective charity protocol the world’s ever known.