Fundraise, coordinate, and invest today

We know impact takes many forms, from social entrepreneurship and impact investing to public goods development and research funding. Whatever your mission is, our Angel Impact Funds enable you to easily collect funds, earn yield and coordinate their deployment with your community.

On Angel Protocol, you get an all-in-one organization/DAO toolkit with immediate access to a group of global donors & investors that are looking to support visionaries like you.

Angel Impact Funds are coming soon.


Once you’ve set up your Angel Impact Fund, it can immediately be seen by donors & investors worldwide who are looking to support visionaries like you.

Accept contributions to your Angel Impact Fund in both crypto and fiat currencies along with the option to launch your own tokenized community. Customize the nature of contributions and distributions whether you would like them to be donations, investments, or anything in between.


Angel Impact Funds allow you to fundraise, coordinate, and invest capital by bringing customizable solutions for treasury management, collaborative governance, and capital deployment.

We offer multiple governance options, voting systems, and operational tools, allowing you to program capital in new and innovative ways.


No more funds sitting idle! Angel Impact Funds offer many investment and deposit options that generate yield for your treasury. Whether you’re just waiting for your funds to be deployed or you intend to use your Angel Impact Fund for ongoing investment return, we’ve got you covered.

We prioritize impact-oriented yield sources, meaning your investments also generate real impact as they grow.

About Angel Impact Funds


Angel Impact Funds are software executed on a blockchain. You can program them to cover all your needs. Their transparency warrants trust. 


We do not hold custody of any of your funds. The signatories that create the Angel Impact Fund are the only ones allowed to move funds.


Our code has been audited by blue chip cybersecurity firms. It is also open source, making it even more robust.