An Ecosystem For Impact-Driven Communities

Over 160 charities joined Angel’s mission in the last 12 months to provide cost-free perpetual endowment accounts equipped to receive and manage cryptocurrency. This created a shift in what the potential ceiling for the intersection of web3 and impact can be, and on what timeline. We have effectively created an impact loop, a base layer of programmed impact, and a perpetual redirection of web3 wealth creation to organizations working for global change.

Funds flow into our protocol-owned endowment (the “AP Endowment”) from multiple sources such as Angel Alliance pledges, the protocol’s treasury, and Angel Protocol cross-chain validators. Downstream, funds are coordinated for distribution through governance proposals across our expansive network of global nonprofits and to incubate and fund social impact based ventures. By connecting the two pipelines of capital flow and the impact community, we provide a unique product market fit to build, coordinate, and mobilize around Angel Protocol’s tech stack.

As the AP Endowment grows we can be more ambitious in the amount of funding directly given to nonprofits, and provide increased access and unique funding opportunities for social innovation projects at scale. Stewardship and guidance of this magnitude is important and we hope to build and iterate on a meaningful reputation system to guide decision making. Below are our foundational thoughts that we will actively build on and refine with feedback and across implementation cycles.

Principles of reputation: 

  • A verified digital identity that is non-transferable and cross-chain
  • Zero cost of entry to build reputation and no resale value
  • Cooperative buy-in model where increased reputation expands decision making powers
  • Does not dilute value of $HALO through token inflation
  • Transparent rules and expectations in how to earn and grow reputation, serving as an on-boarding mechanism (quadratic trust on multiple channels)
  • Dynamic and regularly updated to prevent concentration of power to early contributors (including decay)


Impact of reputation:

  • This evolving reputation corresponds with greater levels of decision making within Angel Protocol including;
  • Increased signaling and curation weighting for Charity Marketplace distributions (represented by our first iteration of locked Charity Shares)
  • Laddered up voting weightage in governance decisions and use of community funds
  • Quantifiable metric as a factor while electing Board of Directors
  • Eligibility for DANO governance positions


Point system 

Positive sum activities on our platform can be defined as any activity that increases TVL, increasing the AP Endowment and funds to charity and impact ventures. We’ve expanded the options for altruism, as all activities within our ecosystem amplify our impact loop.

We will start with a tiered points system based on
predefined value-additive actions.

  • There are no caps on the total points that a unique wallet can accrue
  • Point tables are voted on quarterly



TIER 1 (minimal range points): social media signaling and engagement, stake and lock $HALO, charity referrals, stake to an Angel Protocol validator, donate to a charity

TIER 2 (middle range points): Angel Alliance participation, open an AGF, governance participation

TIER 3 (maximum range points): Create a social impact focused AGF including Charity Endowments, open-source code enhancements, and Angel Protocol DANO activity*

*As Angel Protocol moves to a truly decentralized ecosystem; Board of Directors will control strategic planning and budgeting. To coordinate and maintain agility, this vision will be broken into working group DAOs with their own set of outcomes-based reputational scoring systems. We are inspired by SuperteamDAO’s reputation approach, providing a fixed amount of reputation points per DAO working group with a 1 – 5x multiple based on importance and intensity. Point allocation is collectively determined by members at the onset and recognized after the deliverable is finalized.

Our point system is designed to sustain an ecosystem of innovation and impact. With reputation as a useful metric while voting on the Board of Directors, Tier 3 activities are deemed the most valuable. This enables active social innovators greater opportunity to act as elected ethical stewards in ongoing protocol-wide governance decisions.

While reputation is immutable and tied to wallet addresses, additional milestone based NFT collectibles will be unlocked in increasing degrees of rarity. These collectibles can be used to signal reputation, auctioned for charitable purposes, or sold on a secondary marketplace. They will also unlock access to gated governance focus groups as needed.


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