The Angel Alliance

The Angel Alliance is composed of over 100 impact-driven businesses, protocols, validators, and projects that have taken a giving pledge, committing part of their hard-earned revenue to Angel Protocol to fund charities in perpetuity.

This initiative is one of the most incredible developments to spring from Angel Protocol over this last year. ApolloDAO, a decentralized hedge fund, proposed donating 1% of its annual revenue to Angel Protocol. This act of generosity created a ripple effect of giving within the community where many protocols, DAOs, NFT projects, and validators joined ranks in a social impact pledge to form what is known today as the Angel Alliance.

There has been a growing rise in demand for purpose-driven companies, creating a surge in Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) investing. ESG assets are poised to reach $41 trillion by end of the year, accounting for one in three dollars managed globally. By tapping into this momentum with DeFi protocols and NFT projects we can code charitable revenue into smart contracts, turning formerly opaque company giving pledges into verifiable on-chain social impact streams.

Alliance Members (Living Graphic)

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The “Locked for Good” Program:

Soon after the Angel Alliance was formed, Loop Finance, a community protocol and decentralized exchange(DEX), announced that they would stake 10% of their tokens in the Loop Charitable Fund, with the yield going directly to Angel Protocol charities. From this incredible act of generosity, the “locked for good” program was born.

Angel Alliance “Locked for good” token donations

Opportunity: The “locked for good program” is designed for protocols that want to contribute to social impact but want to avoid adding sell pressure to their native-token.

Proposition: Donated tokens are staked permanently and their yield is redirected to fund charities, creating a perpetual giving stream.

  • Tokens can either be staked by the native protocol or staked by the Angel Alliance
  • If LP is only yield opportunity, we can do “charity owned liquidity” by splitting donation
  • Donations can be directed into our rotating/ curated charity indexes aligned with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals or a specific charity/index
  • Current “Locked for Good” Partners: Loop Finance, Lunaverse, StarTerra, Kujira, and Ceres/Terrafirmav


Expansion and outlook:

By its nature, the Alliance’s mission is chain-agnostic. Our goal is to engage with as many projects, protocols, and teams as possible that share our vision of creating lasting and sustainable social impact in our world. We recently began expanding cross-chain with amazing, impact-driven projects like Olympus DAO and Pleasr DAO joining our ranks. We are also in the process of establishing a validator presence on every network, as well as forming partnerships and parallel initiatives with established validators and ecosystem foundations. These efforts are already well underway, so if you would like to get involved, please reach out to [email protected] or

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