The Charity Marketplace Is Getting Better And Better

The Charity Marketplace was launched in February 2022. With initially just a handful of charities, it immediately provided a route for donors to identify which charities exist within each ‘charity index’ based on the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. The marketplace has grown to include over 160 charities, with the following functionality:

For charities: 

  • A bespoke, editable marketing page where they can add and change text, links, financial information, and images
  • Immediate sight of their endowment and liquid account balance
  • Withdraw funds to their wallet for immediate use
  • Transaction amounts for each donation into their account
  • End-to-end automated registration process


For donors: 

  • Choose from a variety of wallets to connect and donate
  • Easy identification of charities in each UN SDG index
  • Simple donation route using a variety of crypto currencies
  • Choose the percentage of their donation to be directed to either the endowment or liquid accounts
  • Request a tax receipt to be used as appropriate in their own jurisdiction
  • A ‘My Donations’ page to keep track of their donations and request a receipt again if needed
  • Transaction hash details for checking on the blockchain


Taking into consideration the headwinds associated with Terra’s downfall, our roadmap for the charity marketplace is the following:

Q3 2022:

  • Fiat donations & additional crypto donation options
  • Fiat off-ramp options
  • Better charity curation mechanism to improve discoverability and encourage donations
  • Fully-fledged governance with charity sub DAOs


Q4 2022:

  • Yield redirection from third party DeFi protocols
  • Donor management tools & KYD
  • Financial reporting features
  • Discrete “programs” fundraises


H1 2023:

  • Recurring donations
  • Cross-chain vaults
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