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At the time of writing, June ‘22, we had onboarded in excess of 160 charities on Angel Protocol, with new sign-ups growing at a rate of 7% per week (or ~30% per month) with high conversion rates of 40% and a low 2% churn.

We’re honored to be able to count charitable organizations from more than 23 countries ranging from small, $10k – $20k turnover charity schools in Africa, to multi-national charities with over 2,000 employees turning over more than $25m in donations a year.

Charities large and small saw the potential for Angel Protocol to provide for their future. Both saw how endowments could support this process and donations could come in from a marketplace that opened their offering out to a completely new and global donor base.

While it is relatively simple for charities to accept crypto and exchange it for fiat, the potential for DeFi to multiply the returns, increase donor engagement, and provide full transparency to donors is profound.

Do charities love our product? Better to let them give their views:

“Angel Protocol is an incredible idea, platform and opportunity. I have loved working with the team. Being new to Angel Protocol we are still unlocking the potential.” Faith Flanagan: Buckminster Fuller Institute

“It has been incredible, uplifting, and smooth onboarding. I have not taken full advantage of all that Angel offers yet and so I’m hoping this medium will help jumpstart our crypto fundraising activities.” Saxon Gottfried: Give Refugees a Chance

“Great! Our onboarding process was really smooth and the assistance from the team members was brilliant. We’re still at early stages but as this fundraising enables rolling funds it’s ideal for our projects.” Rebecca Dallimore: SEED Madagascar

“We are in love with the easy process the protocol has created to start an endowment. We have always focused on recurring giving with our donors, and the endowment takes this to the next level. I think we can grow our endowment to create a steady flow of income to preserve our efforts through time. Our goal is $3,000,000. This would give us the income to break even every month and continue helping.” Daniel : Territorio de Zaguates

“We have recently been listed on the Angel Protocol platform. To be honest, initially the world of blockchain scared us a lot. But thanks to the team behind this project we were reassured, we met real people with real goals and great ideas. We are confident in the success of the protocol and especially of our campaign. At the moment, after getting familiar with the platform, we started sponsoring our page. It will be hard to reach our local market, given the little knowledge of the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain. However, we are sure that in the near future more and more people will approach and use these systems to do charitable donation.” Carlo Cini: Amalfi Impresa Sociale

“We are empowering girls to become future leaders in their field of work with particular attention to the agriculture sector. Education is an investment with a secured long-term return on investment, and Angel Protocol will directly benefit from revenues generated through our activities. Your platform can be leveraged to increase those social activities while increasing our contribution (fees) to the Angel Platform. Angel Protocol is already benefiting from our charity as we have been introducing Angel Protocol to other NGOs and promoting your platform on our social media platforms.” Neima Ferreira: Fundaçao ATENA para a Crianca e Mulher

“I personally like to check our AP balance weekly. I like to see the numbers grow. When donations are slow or there’s not much movement, it’s easy to feel like you have zero momentum. Looking at the endowment growth week by week gives me a little spark of inspiration. With our current endowment balance and the projected yield, we expect our administrative expenses to be covered. The yield is currently one of our largest contributors to date.” Jenna Edwards: For A Day Foundation

Even after the difficulties caused by UST de-pegging, charities continue to support Angel protocol and look to the future.

Others have said, very recently:

“I view Angel as one of the most exciting concepts I’ve seen in my entire career and, for the first time in years, was filled with optimism. The future may look a bit scary today – but the values driving this are resilient, and I for one am going nowhere…” Nick Kershaw: Impact Marathon

“We are 100% supporting you in this uncertain time and I am sure you will be able to find innovative solutions to overcome these issues and you will be back stronger than ever.” Neima: Npili School

“It might not mean much, but Courage Romania, with debts and problems arising from being neighbors with Ukraine and being a small NGO, will NOT withdraw anything from the Angel Protocol. We are with you all the way.” Curaj Inainte

“You are doing good work for the greater good, and we all here appreciate what you are trying to do for nonprofits around the world.” Sarah Adams: Women Empowerment

And the impact? Extremely promising. This video shows how funds raised via Angel Protocol, proposed & voted on by the community, and disbursed immediately have helped change lives and rebuild villages.

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