Invest in the impact that matters to you

With Angel Protocol, you can support exciting ventures looking to change the world, and generate a positive return to scale your impact.

Angel Protocol has reimagined impact financing to open a formerly gated, fragmented market for all types of investors and entrepreneurs. Now you can invest directly in the changemakers driving impact meaningful to you.


Interested in discovering impact ventures without having to go through expensive intermediaries? With Angel Protocol, you can finance entrepreneurs directly and fund the change you want to see in the world.

Our Angel Impact Funds open access to changemakers from across the world who have historically not had access to raising capital through traditional means.


Angel Impact Funds make it easy to coordinate your own impact investment fund. Pool resources, identify investment opportunites, and expand your fund over time.

Need additional capital? Make your fund public for others to invest in as well


Follow the investment strategy of existing impact funds to help guide your investment decisions.

Sometimes choosing investment opportunities yourself can be daunting; for those cases, you can find and follow an existing Angel Impact Fund dedicated to impact investing.

About Angel Impact Funds


Angel Impact Funds are software executed on a blockchain. You can program them to cover all your needs. Their transparency warrants trust. 


We do not hold custody of any of your funds. The signatories that create the Angel Impact Fund are the only ones allowed to move funds.


Our code has been audited by blue chip cybersecurity firms. It is also open source, making it even more robust.